Holding On While Letting Go: Voice Transmission

“You are at a crossroads now. How you emerge depends upon you, but know that the undercurrents of reality are moving in your favor.”

This new voice transmission directly channeled from the Pleiadians of the League of Light addresses much that’s going on in our world right now, how difficult it is to deal with, and how to shift it. If you’re struggling dealing with the news of the world, or know people who are (everyone raise your hand), you’ll want to hear this one. Human consciousness is poised to know more than ever about what has for too long been hidden. We’re ready to fully appreciate and integrate the knowledge shared. This is the time. Share.

All images and video clips are from Pixabay.com and Pexels.com and are in the public domain. Movie footage from “Meteor” (1979) is in the public domain. Music: Synthaurion, “Guests from the Farthest End”, from the album “Radio of Aliens, Vol. 1” (archive.org). Downloaded under Creative Commons license Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0).

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Fukushima, Nine, and Regeneration: A Dimensional Message from the League of Light (video edition)

Dive deep into fields of consciousness with this stunningly elegant consideration of the life of Nature and the nature of life, the Science of Nine, and the physics and metaphysics of radioactivity, both natural and humanly enhanced.

This video represents a culmination of teachings on physics and reality, the science of beingness, the universe, and beyond. Students of the teachings of the League of Light will find the material in this video to be of the highest value.

This image-rich video records and visually amplifies the original written message transmitted from an interdimensional interface with the collective of beings who encourage us to keep finding our way in the dark, as light comes.

Read the original written transmission here.

Message sponsored by Eleutherios.

Fukushima, Nine, and Regeneration: A Dimensional Message from the League of Light

Now the days of silence slide into growing alarm and seeping knowing that the balance of nature is giving the tides something other than the gist of yesterday’s news. Let the streaming visage from one of nature’s most eloquent answers to the human question of the meaning of existence teach you one thing: You are immortal, but the bonds of life are tenuous in the face of bending dimensional frames around the incoherence of hyperenergized pulsations of light. Life in general is immortal, in the sense that it is transformed but not ended in death. Light is the basis of all reality, yet in doses quantified in exaggeration and imbalance, with disrespect for the whole of natural time and space sequences and ratios, it glitches, it leaks, and it gives itself no equanimity in which to assemble the codes from which life can take its form within sentient armatures of reality. Thus speak we now of dangerous dynamics which the emission of radioactivity unhindered is tessellating within your world.

Before the dawn of creation, masses of protonic signatures of light waved in conscious beginningness. From within the energetic waves came compressions and vortexes in which the awareness of positive and negative began its journey into form. As collisions developed in greater and more frequent intensity, sentience gathered in patternings heretofore known to you as matter, yet which at their fundamental level are and remain light. The materia thus engendered became the paradigm through which life in your world is cradled. However, in a wider view, you are riding greater waves of compression as a planetary whole and as individuals within that histogenetic sphere, and it is through this sine-wave movement from moment to moment in the matrix of time that you perceive meaning. Compression and vortex thus understood, we move into the particulate reality within.

Every body constructed in the universum is replete with elemental pockets and vast expanses of the compressed matter that makes up the solid world of known spatial matter. You can look at a field and know it is just filled with grass, and know that below the surface of the soil live ecosystems of various lifeforms, bacteria, and a simultaneously living and inert mineral-rich earth foundation. You know it is there because you have explored it, and you have likely seen the educational material showing this to be the case. You may have yourself attempted to grow living plants in a pot and met with some degree of success, depending on your understanding and interaction with the various components involved. The invisible world beneath the visible reality determines the success of the visible reality to sustain a steady frequency-modulated living system. Thus is it with a garden, a field, a flowerpot, but equally true is this for star fields and atomic fields, invisible realities that hide even less evident substrata of life support. The fractal nature of the echoes of consciousness taking shape cannot be ignored, if the whole is to be understood in relation to its parts.

Now, it is the invisible that supports the visible, and time ticks back and forth between the two. So it is in fact the truth that life gives itself the sentience that forms the basis of reality, living, whole, and pure. In truth, the visible and invisible cannot be separated from each other without failing to be at all; destruction of life itself being not possible, however, it is true to say that the living cannot continue without the life invisible giving itself to form. One ceases to be when the interaction is divided. While the idea and intention of life are, living forms are. Where the intention of living ceases, life as form ends. If life is invisible, it is impervious to degradation, right? In the perfection of balance, yes, and to some extent that is so even in imperfect conditions. Life finds its way into living. However, there is some way of radicalizing that invisible intention that renders it incoherent: a scrambling of the code it creates, a slicing of the message of intent. While the energy is pure, its expression can suffer. Thus you encounter death.

These invisible sigils of life are currently under siege from the invisible world of an unseen field, where time is moving too fast and uncontrolled expression of force is shattering the smooth field of life’s green world. Left to its own silent unraveling of reality, the inevitable deal is the dead man’s hand. You have a shot at revising the way the effects are experienced, if you get the essential truth of the holographic nature of this visible/invisible unitary beingness.

Be aware of the space between your thoughts, and the space between your words will be the genesis of blessing. Be aware of the space unseen behind the visible material reality, and the holes in the code of life will have a bridge with which to repair itself. What you place your awareness on gains in love, if love is seen as the unseen nature discernible in the depths of conscious being. Dare you delve into the dark behind the lighted shapes of life’s great show of light? Dare you be in the presence of light unreflected, light absorbed into the hidden spaces of another dimension altogether… into the mysteries of darkness in all its plenitude and bewarefulness? In life is light, and in light life is. What then of absence of life and light?

The dark space between great lights is the stuff of life in the universal continuum of stellar and atomic scales. Without the space, in the reaches of time, everything would entropically collapse. Space, like light, lets life live. Compacted ever closer, elemental designs of the material expressions of OM’s emanation of thought gain density, squeezing out the space of space to the extent that the electrical charge gives way and stability collapses upon itself. Thus does one dimension get diverted into another, and the strands of reality-holding intelligence get sheared from its code.

Generally speaking, this is true for artificially induced compromises to the structure of nature’s framework. Nature itself is elegantly facile with the mechanism of dimensional compression. Elements of radiance and superstructures of unfathomable mass in the far reaches of space each emit some form of dimensionally paired particulate material. Tinkering with the inner workings of nature’s masses can lead to disastrous outcomes, as the binary antipodal thought that forms the nucleus of a thing loses itself in grandiose iterations of temporal blight. Too fast, too furious the silent ejection of material goes, tearing through the time-bound structures of life’s code, leaving destruction in their wake.

And now we consider the thing no one seems to take seriously enough, for those who feel the steady rise in alarm surrounding the biosphere: Fukushima.

What happens when the non-natural arrangement of nuclear fissile material goes uncontrolled into emission is the equivalent of seeing light blind you. This is signaling to you not a sense of doom but of fiery awakening. That which would blind you may in fact lead to opening your eyes from the darkness of ignorance imposed upon you for eons. The threat to the configuration of DNA codes may in fact signal a time of reparation of ancient sequestrations of intelligent mechanics. That which had been held in ransom for your soul’s light may now be within reach, if you can master the lessons of mastering reality presenting themselves to you now. One such is called “Fukushima” and is one we now address. Pay attention to the ways your power is moving, and see with new eyes secret mechanisms of the universe come alive in your mind. What seems like magic is in your hands, and is nothing more than the unveiling of knowledge, the genesis of understanding of the divine science of Nine:

One: All of Nature rests in the self-aware unity of dimension and time. What you know as reality is the child of One, the product of One’s sentience of its life and material in a reality of material and living thought. All that is within the material realm is available to those living, sentient creatures within the sphere of reality to do with as you see fit. To engineer naturally radioactive elements into greater arrangements of density has led to the instability of other aspects of One, and thus the dimensional equanimity of reality on your world is straining the bonds of space and time. Thus has One given the essence of balance to Two.

Two: That in This. As it relates to the phenomenon of nuclear engineering, Two activates the transfer of particle-antiparticle interactions within the arrow of time. Through dimensional introversion, sentience becomes folded upon temporal swells and what naturally is straightforward becomes certain of no target. Material engineered to hold great energy emits too much too fast, and a breakdown of natural ordered codes of life and balance ensues.

Three: Diametrically balanced synergies forming the basis for expressions of life rest upon the trigonometric sureties in which trusted tethers to grand designs of nature lead to satisfying experiences of embodied sentience. Loss of stability shifts the emanation point toward less satisfying outcomes, shifts the focus out of the harmonic of sustainability of life’s code.

Four: As life gains its source of momentum through the reproduction of life through love’s catalytic movement through and enhancement of gross materiality, living systems organize into fashion and states of awareness seek greater playgrounds of being. Natural lineage engaged with unnatural actions of the environment of radiative influx breaks down and systems of life lose integrity.

Five: The substance of material form depends upon the function of conscious self-awareness and knowledge of essential codes. How you derive your own form is derivative of how you perceive your wholeness in truth and your reflection in the mirror. While you are often more beautiful than you think, the code of your form yet reveals more than the way you dress it. So it is with the reality around you. If the essential code of your environment has a glitch to the extent that the essential code is unable to express its truth, you will eventually see that extended through form. Fukushima is steadily amping up the pace at which it is demonstrating this to be so.

Six: Searching for balance, source, and integrity, beset with the inordinate entropic tendency in which chaos seeds disorder, what you call Fukushima is in fact the breaking of the pattern of nature and a leak, slow and steady, from which dimensional stability has somewhat lost its grip. Radioactive decay as a force of nature is taking time to task and forcing the material world to get out of the way of its serial seam-ripping lesson. What it teaches is nothing short of transformational physics of the being from human into godlike service in love. How this happens is Nine’s relational interpolation of Six’s search for sense.

Seven: If the belief is that the destruction of the world is necessary, then Seven has a reversion into Six to do. If entropy grows, systems as you know them will end. What is needed to bring back the balance of nature is first the belief that it is a potential of the reality-creating machinery of mind, and the trust that the path thus opened is one that will lead to a new reality. Seven diamondizes fear and turns denial into bright worlds of life. Take hold of its line and follow it into the inevitability of recalibrated nature.

Eight: What the world is facing, in what has ensued since the invisible tear in its field of thermodynamic environmental stability has upset an energetic balance between invisible and visible worlds, is the biospheric code of interdependent life writing a revision. Without taking the wit out of its code, you together are presented with a chance to rewrite what Love has devised, in effect creating a plot shift toward character development on a scale unprecedented in the arena of human interaction with the environment of life. Write backwards for maximum efficiency, and unravel the devolving narrative of DNA.

Nine: Death has given itself over to love’s transformative hand, and Nine generates life anew. What has begun as tears in the fabric of integrity finishes in a weave unrivaled in spectral brilliance and opalescent sheen. What the hands of man have triggered into a spiraling outpouring of materialcide is brought back to balance in the infinitesimal recalibration of reality’s ability to give itself time to heal.

Can what has been done be undone? It has already wrought itself into the annals of time. What Nine does now is to bring into being the technology and truth that gives humanity the means with which to be transformed in the bioengineering of dimensions seeking solace. Fukushima has initiated a bleedthrough of time into the fabric of your world. To stanch the source of the bleeding is no easy feat for minds and hands unaccustomed to cleaning up messes. In a sense, the future is inadvertently already here. Slow time where it is rushing too fast, where quanta are burgeoning and stripping code from its foundations.

Let the following become a part of your landscape:

In tune with the heartbeat of the planetary body, bring your breath and mind into entrainment with the Earth. Rest in her womb of nature and breathe with her for a few moments. As you sink into forgetfulness of all except that which is real in the essential plane of perfection, unfold your heart to extend into the fabric of nature’s loving sentience of life. Feel tendrils of fractalline beingness entwine with the foundation of the biospheric self-knowledge that envelops you and all beings, and become attuned to the settling of harmonic life-force as you link your sentience with hers. In this essential world of nature, all life breathes one breath; universal harmonics become enlivened within the expanded self-awareness thus lensed within your heart. Breathe. With each breath, bring your experience into form and let the divine spark that tells you you are alive give life to every atom spun out from your lungs, from your mind, from your heart.

Remain connected and continue to live within the awareness of integration with Nine. Nine is the invisible thread of life, the empty point of potential that takes the time-constrained narrative and tells the tale of eternity as Now. It is love’s substance and life’s intelligence, and in the moments you breathe in unison with your planet, it is the thing that breathes through you in creative potential and divine time. Rest in your breath and feel it heal what has been brought to the brink of ending. Breathe through the fractal’s improbable end and find the balance within recalibration, expansion, and time. Probabilities present new elements and eventualities in the space of a moment.

No longer is humanity without the ability to destroy what the intelligence of life and love have created from the thought of I AM. You have tested and you have seen the outcome of tinkering with the order of natural balance. The thought I AM NOT cannot be. Decide the next phase of your world’s transformation and know the slow-moving damage you call Fukushima is surpassed in scale by instantaneous tearing of dimension through the blast of geotemporal instability that nuclear explosions initiate. It is inadvisable to go toward that eventuality. In one instant, the thought of life can determine time’s path.

Lessons from Fukushima are your hope to life’s sequence regaining the truth of itself and codes continuing to generate self-sustaining form. We offer this insight for today as a guide for you finding your tomorrow in integrity and self-aware stability as a planetary humanity in balance and empowerment. Give your future a blessing and feel your breath regulating time in your now. Breathe together, and breathe blessing, and know you are not alone. Sentient life is aware of your world, and love is within every dimension of space and time.

In peace and blessing, we bid you loving awareness and quiet hearts full of life’s potential for all to be well. We are family and neighbors. We are people of the League of Light, in peace and blessing, and love.

Message sponsored by Eleutherios

To learn more about the Science of Nine, visit the website Opalescent Nine.

In the Interest of Time (2017): League of Light video edition

Transformations decoded for 2017… prepare for change. With depth of wisdom, the Pleiadians of the League of Light offer insight to guide us through this year of revolution, expansion, and self–discovery.

This video edition’s rich imagery amplifies the depth of understanding of the written original, for a different kind of immersionary experience. Read that original written transmission here.

Message sponsored by Eleutherios.

In the Interest of Time: A Message from the League of Light


The time has come for a global revolution. While this is not news to many of you, we ask that you listen to what we have to say, as our perspective on what is happening is far enough removed from the maelstrom of emotion and logic breakdown that many are experiencing to give us some simplicity, some interpretive leeway, and thus perhaps some wisdom worth considering. We have mentioned that what is happening on Earth is akin to what many others in our field of service have experienced on other worlds, at other times. However, none has been so markedly attuned to the vibrational synchronicity that exists within the multiplicity of worlds that is in your now. You’ve heard it before: what happens on Earth now affects not only your world, but many. The ripple effect transcends time and material dimensions, and brings everything into the light of transformation. What that means for you, individually, is that you have the moment before you to move into a markedly more intelligent and creative reality than you have the wherewithal to yet imagine. What that means for your world remains to be seen. How your movement within your world affects other worlds is simultaneously ending and beginning a mode of being. You are in synchronous swathes of transformation with many relative realities, so it is well to be aware of your full potential from one moment to the next. The year before you is full of opportunities to release and expand, to seek and discover, and to meet challenges for settling into a new envelope of self-reflexive empowerment and wisdom.

Beyond immediate concerns of stability that have necessitated the popular renegotiation of what it is to be ruled, your world is in a state of flux. It is going to remain thus for a short while yet, until the facets of the harmonic whole can come into readjusted equilibrium with the whole of humanity. This is to say, you have a window in which to lessen the dissonance, to listen for subtle shifts, and to find the natural pure tone for yourself in relation to the heart of planetary sentient biospheric life. This is not about politics. It is about sweet blossoms being allowed to unleash fruit. It is about the reconciliation of human hearts with the legacy of past generations, with the generative past, with unheard histories coming into open knowledge unimpeded by polemics or grief. The first three months of your year 2017 give you a great moment in which to prepare yourselves for the unveiling of a new mirror.

As you have already undergone the seismic shifts within the geology of mankind, you are yet to undergo the rattling of armaments of mind that will follow in short order. Time is heaving the shards of broken epochs of history’s forgotten dreams into a mass of long-lost memory, and you are reaching the end of the line when it comes to making sense of the remnants of false narratives and procured reality bought with the logbooks of ancestral humanity’s sojourn. What have you now, in front of you, that is of the true fountain of noble humanity’s mind and matter? You have all listened to lies for so long that you have lost the plot, having threads to hang onto and even those, frayed as they are around the edges of your sane grasp of reality’s weave, are at times losing structure and meaning. Know that the lapses of sense-making are temporary, and part of the flux-stream that you are as one planet traversing in time. Clarity will arise from all of the narratives, in one way or another, but you should be aware that the split of dimensional reality into separate timestreams is one of the codes that is before you to decipher. Everything you consider is weighing one side or another of a balanced integrational diffusion from the shared now you are within into separate experiential planes. Whether or not this is apparent to you, it is nonetheless moving into place, piece by piece, and affirmation by affirmation. We suggest that you release the grip you have on the one you think is the most real and instead focus your attention on being in the right place at the right time for the best possible outcome for the whole of humanity, within and beyond the limits of your perception, and including your own soul’s path. It requires some discipline, but it also requires some intuitive flow.

Looking into the potential of the thing you hold in your hand as a reality-producing device is a fair representation of how you can most easily transform the reality you are encountering. If the true nature of everything were to be known, you would have no hesitation to move toward that which promises you the best outcome, for the most part. You can still find challenge and excitement by doing that, but there is really no need to go looking for trouble if you don’t have to. The choice is yours, but in the matter of knowing the true nature of the current reality, the truths you have been sold as history, the rules about the things you should or should not do according to a set of expedient fences and narrow pathways, all are lost once the truth is revealed. It is natural for you to come into oppositional thought in the face of dissonant reality markers, but this year, you are challenged to face what is before you with the thought that perhaps it is better to know what is true in terms of the most viable reality for humankind’s global benefit, rather than clinging to artificial structures that prevent the transformation of humanity into a greater and more fully authentic level of being.

The opportunities before you are many, and while we hesitate to say this one or that one is the better decision, we are happy to point out the milestones that have the greatest likelihood of moving the world into a greater and more noble state than you may currently be witnessing, but which you may sense is possible. Here are a few things to watch for, that you are ready to take on the challenge of transformation to the best advantage of all beings:

Before the end of the winter (northern hemisphere), only a few places in the world will be unaffected by sweeping changes that are brought to the surface of awareness through the dissolution of an old story and the uncovering of some very old secrets. Specifically, the way of understanding your own history will have to be reconsidered, and the reality of governance is going to have to come to terms with some terrible, big upsets. These happenings are only terrible for those who are completely invested in a system that has had as its underpinnings the determination of ignorance of the masses and the popularity of its own subculture of infernal liaisons.

Our advice: Go into deep discussions about your feelings of separation and betrayal with easy hearts, and understand that the lies have no further effect on human minds attuned to a greater story unfolding within the logosphere. Truth is stealthily emerging from within the language of doubt and distortion. Trust your ability to become transformed and know that you will not lose your authentic self in the process.

The month of March will be a time of total reorganization of understanding. Totality of regeneration, entirety of grace moving within systems, fullness of energetic inculcation into a new order of understanding reality are all part of what March is about. Initiating the string of openings is new information and new concepts of what it is to be human. From there, it is only a short jump to the understanding of humanity’s stellar nature, and the entry of the planetary organism into a network of multi-planetary systems of support and learning. Our own role is going to have greater impact on the thinking of Earth’s awakening populace, and we anticipate greater expansion of fear-based resistance and a simultaneous recognition of its illusory nature. The challenge will be to maintain the steady rise in intensity that has been asserting itself within your awareness over the past years, and equilibrate yourselves to greater intensification in the form of manifest shifts in perceived truth.

Our advice: Seek the benevolence of the higher nature of humanity by allowing that to emerge from within yourselves, and give that the expression which generates more authentic conversations among the public discourse. Seek your own higher engagement with those aspects of self which remember the pure nature of the soul, and give yourself room for integration. In allowing time-scattered pieces of yourself to re-integrate, you will together move into a new system of self-governance and sustenance.

In the middle of the year, you will be well on the way to gaining ground in having new modes of wealth creation and a different understanding of interdependence. Arising from a series of shocks to the established system of social order and organization, new systems will become more wisely and widely accepted as bona fide realities, and will in turn spur greater creativity among otherwise dependent compartments of activity. Beginning with the revaluation of the concept of work, this midpoint of the year marks something of a spark of awareness breaking a staid feature of accepted human activity.

Our advice: Remain within your current creation of reality, and stretch your ideation to sense shifts in your own personal creative stream. Everything that you experience comes from the origin of divine ideation, stepped down through successively denser levels of reality to become your personal environment of being. Realizing this, signal the divine mind to shuttle whatever new sensorial awareness is helpful in acquiring greater infusions of life in the expression of your sphere of action. Move with a sense of trust in this stream of consciousness toward what begins to break through for you.

August is a time of rest and getting familiar with a new fundamental feature of the universal rhythm. Give the nod to yourself to settle into a sense of joy, even in the midst of whatever turmoil is working itself out in various ways for those groups of beings who have some work to take care of. If you drive yourself too hard, you will be depleted in the kind of energy that would give you a boost at a time when the whole of humanity is given an opportunity to grow, later in the year. Adjust your sails, recalibrate your engines, trust the movements you find yourself making, and prepare a nest for your mind in which to let life live itself through you.

Our advice: Find balance without focusing on it. Give yourself time and space to feel and flow, and empty your self-awareness of anything that impedes free movement of the tendril of divinity within you that responds to love. At the same time, feel the roots of your being resiliently interacting with the conscious Earth, and the expanded awareness infuse you with the tessellations of more heavenly sounds.

Gathering through the later months of the year, into late November, a new feeling of sobriety washes through global humanity, free from the intoxication of lies and deception to which the greater part of the world had become inured. Less subterfuge is the result of having the truth be more easily understood, not only about the nature of the lies and those who have given them, but as well from the growing awareness that the nature of reality is far, far greater than the limited world you have known. What will give rise to this? Little more than having that greater reality standing on your doorstep waving hello.

Our advice: Get into the habit of forgiving and letting go of the accumulation of beliefs surrounding the things that have been part of your experience. Forgive the ones who have wronged you, not because you are letting them off the hook, but because you no longer need to feel the weight of hanging on the hook with them. Forgive the world for being inadequate to the task of giving everything to everyone, for that has not been the purpose of the sacred inner being of the planetary consciousness. The planet is sustainer, but in partnership with the creatures who habituate her dome of life. Forgive yourself as well for succumbing to weakness, for living out of synchrony with sacred wisdom, for having some degree of ignorance shield you from the fullness of life’s bigness. Once you work through the letting go, you can more readily experience the joy.

By the end of the year, expect to be in a very different place from where you are at its inception. This is the time of transformation, the time of recalibration, of redefinition of all that it means to be human. Your greatest challenge for 2017 is in releasing outmoded ideas of who you have considered yourselves to be, who has been seen as the “other”, what has defined the parameters of life, and where you have your home within the universal playground of soul. We decline to bring out specific instances, names, and events, as to do so is in direct counteraction to the directive of your own desire to discover and respond according to all that you have amalgamated yourselves to be within the present moment that you share. Sufficient guidance is given, however, to enable you to be more aware, more capable of responding in ways that match the highest resonance of being that you are within your right as human beings to claim: that of divine human, of clarified observer, of sentient participant in the unfolding of history at a time when the actions you take have far-reaching consequences, within your world and beyond it. It is our hope that, by the time 2017 comes to its own time of transformation into a new calendar page, that you have welcomed yourselves as new beings into a reality free from the constrictive ideations of the past, free from the oppressive hand of shadowy movements by malignant forces.

We stand ready to welcome you as neighbors and friends, family in the galactic humanity that encompasses many worlds and which beckons you to awaken to the open invitation to greet us as such. There is no time left to waste, dear friends. Moments of entropy will turn into overwhelming confusion, in the present atmosphere of highly charged energetic intelligence that you are in now, should you decide to stay stuck in an untenable vortex of denial. There is so much to open hearts, minds, and arms to in this moment of time. We leave you now to consider our words, and with a blessing from journeyers of the stars and of time, who have held your world in love and with eternal devotion born of recognition and remembrance. Welcome change, and embrace every moment of time that brings you closer to reunion with yourself, in divine knowing, and peace.

Message sponsored by Eleutherios.

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No Time to Remember: Dzen, of the League of Light


What is happening now on the world stage is nothing less than a complete recalibration of the human psyche. In all shades and colors, the internal personae of human life are unleashed, and a torrent of annihilation of what was comes crashing down upon you all. Everything seems to have arrived for review and testing, and all of the expressions of being that you wanted to take on are there in reach for you to try on. What will you choose to wear? How will you choose to express your inner voice? The time has arrived to make your contribution to the revealing of a new world; the choices you make now will have far-reaching effects through what you know as time and space, so choose well. Choose mindfully, and with your heart.

We who speak to you now are called Dzen. The reality of the existence of other worlds and civilizations is about to become apparent, so we emerge now to introduce ourselves and give you some insight into the reality we know.

Within the League of Light are many groups and individuals, many varied understandings of form and as many kinds of expressions. The core of the emissary function which interacts with the people of Earth is recognizable as human, but the edge of service is only the appearance of limitation. The League of Light is more than a simple alliance of planetary units, though that is part of its structure, and perhaps the most approachable in terms of extraterrestrial interaction with you. You are also accustomed to the influence and presence of angels; these, too, serve the essential truth and love which the League of Light serves. While there is no overlord per se, there is a source from which emanates what we can say is a principle of understanding, yet in truth it is more than what that word conveys. So we call this emanation source OM to keep matters simple. The League of Light exists as a lineage from within OM, and is extended throughout this region of the universe by those who have some attention focused on your world. The Pleiadian Renegades are one extension with which you have had much interaction through this intermediary, and there are others you have come to know, as well. There are more yet for you to meet, but for now, it is our turn. We are Dzen, and we have this message to share.

Upon reflecting about where the path of history has led you, to this point of time in which humanity seems to be losing some critical understanding of organismal functionality, do you consider how it has come to be the way it is? The passions with which people have wrestled have, in earlier times, been funnelled into the creation of some of the finest art, music, dance, and literature ever known on this world of yours. Such creation serves to respond to latent passions in others, bringing healing and balance through self-reflection. Any of the arts that takes form from such a responsiveness makes good use of natural passions. This kind of expression touches a point of the divine, where beauty as real self-aware being meets the hidden face of modalities of the divine. Art, creation from natural passion, can put you face to face with OM. Conversely, communion with the divinity within can lead to artistry that lifts you into states of sublime passion, or ecstasy.

Why do we come now to speak of art, at a time when the very underpinnings of your world’s social order are in the throes of fundamental shift? Because your passions are burning, and because at the same time, many are experiencing revelatory bliss. You have the potential before you of creating a transcendent work of art in the form of a totally new immersive reality construct.

You must choose, however, what is to be the canvas, the stage, the material, for the very real danger exists that the reality-creation turns merely into destruction and conflict, without the element of renaissance, rebirth. Great is the choice and great is the opportunity for transformation into a new, noble humanity. What you choose to do with your passion affects not just yourself, but the world around you, seen and unseen.

Now that some decisions have been made that touch on your cognizance of reality, you can understand the way certain shifts can create ripples that move like tsunamis through the reality-stage you share. The force of change is indeed bearing down upon your world with relentless power and momentum. We watch passions rising as if to turn the tide. You cannot. This is the time of transformation you have long anticipated, and nothing can prevent it from taking its course. Can you come into inner alignment with the intelligence and grace which is moving through all the fibers that weave reality into a coherent fabric? If you can, you can swim, you can rise up above the turbulence, and you will feel the light of a new sun within and upon you. If you feel caught in the turbulence, turn your passion, your fear, your rage into some form of expression that buoys your spirit, and you may find yourself free from the undertow.

A new world is rising that cannot be bought nor held for ransom. Soon everything will undergo transformation with core shifts happening no human agent can control. All of humanity is creating the form of the wave, transmuting a cosmic force through the apparatus of the heart. Infused with love, empowered with certainty born of trust, such a transformation holds great promise for humanity’s future.

There is no turning back, and there is no way to describe to you where you’re going or what the future will look like. The work of art is still developing, and the elements of time, space, and love are moving in accord. When the last brushstroke is applied, when the reverberation of the last note dissipates into silence, when the movement of dancers stops and everything is still, will you then recognize yourselves anew? There are choices to be made, and little time left before chaos muddies the sound of a new song struggling to break free from the grip of fear. Unleash your passion in resonance with a new reality, and let the old dream find its way to wakefulness without predetermining what that will be. You cannot possibly know the winds that have yet to touch your shores. Come together in peace before the time to dance has run out, before the paints become ravaged into grey, while hope can yet teach you a new song.

We are Dzen, and as revolution comes to human hearts, we remind you that the inevitability of change — unpredictable, uncontrollable as it may be — comes hand in hand with the inevitability of life. Remember, honor, and release what concepts you hold of yourselves. Face your reality without fear, without the need to know what happens and without the idea that it can be known. The depths of love yet to be fathomed have secrets to share. We encourage you to dare to see that in each other, while we wait and watch for the light of understanding to gain coherence.

Now Becomes Memory, as the Future Arrives: Anica, with Pleiadians of Alcyone

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This is the second communication from the Pleiadians of Alcyone through this contact via the League of Light, and it comes at a time when the collective breath of humanity is caught in a buildup of tension. You are all ready to exhale into a sigh of relief and see the reality of peaceful, free, and sovereign living come into being. The people of the worlds whose sun is near the central star of Pleaides, Alcyone, reveal more of their history, and some insights into the reality you can bring about on Earth. — Anica of the League of Light

We again greet you warmly, and with thanks for the moments you choose to spend with us. When last we shared our story, it had some details yet to fill in. The story of our world may seem convoluted; in many ways, it resembles your own. On far more worlds than you might think, similar patterns exist. Now that the end of the pattern is within sight, in which the repeating elements begin to lose coherence, equilibrium can re-establish itself holographically, in your world and in many. Too long has it been since you knew of your stellar neighbors, but that will soon change. For now, we will relate our world’s history. Glean from it what you can, and pay attention to details. You are very close indeed to being in front of truths that have been kept out of sight. If you are ready to leave polarity consciousness behind for a moment, we will begin.

To put everything in a nutshell, our world was at one point in its history at the brink of losing all coherence because of an imbalance in the perception of reality. We had been thrust into a drama of dark empirical predation fuelling a parasitic demonic plague. To make it most clearly relevant to the world situation your people have before you, we shall explain it thus: Once we saw everything in terms of polarity, yet we had no true choice. What ability to choose we had was not fully empowered, yet the architecture was not in place for implementing what we as a civilization had agreed on. Here we will explain why.

There is a vast, marauding empire operating in the galaxy, to say it simply. Our world, being on the path of the mercenaries, came under the influence of their wiles, their hypnosis, their power… not without some resistance, but we fell. There were stealthy plans made which our leaders bought into and traded our people’s freedom for. One Pleiadian world after another became trapped in the snare of imperial wrath, and many families died. Slavery and violence destroyed what was left, and the secrets of time were pushed deep into memory.

We transformed from a proudly free race into a splintered, controlled colony. More and more of our leadership fell in line with the Empire’s script, or they fell completely. It was the time of remembering that saved us, finally, and the voices of those who sought to remind us of who we were, where we had come from, and why we had to lay our fear aside and join together, regardless of how much the imperial influence had affected our path.

We say these things to you now because you as a global population, diverse in the beauty of human expression, are yet splintered. Your memories cannot reach your awareness until you, as humanity, are integrated as the essential noble beings you are. The fact is, you have become accustomed to the splintering, so long has its influence been felt, so long the Empire has voraciously preyed upon your light. Many factions have you yet, and the comfort you may derive from the hypnotic drone of self-righteous exaltation of one way over another will eventually give way to an oppression so complete you will forget everything you now hold dear. We urge you to see within the dark heart you may perceive in another the light of sovereign humanity; when all else falls away as illusion, together you may see that this light is all there is worth fighting for.

Our history had many dark turns. The point we wish to make now is a fine one, and worth a few moments’ reflection; the consequences of ignoring your own intuition, informed by the ideas and beliefs of hearsay and manipulators of truth, precedes entry into future potentials in which your free determination of your own path becomes limited by dread and regret. As relatives of the human family of Earth, we urge you to turn your inner eye toward the light that shines in unity, to the heart of your fear to reach the light of fearlessness. When the truth is known, the voices of the established lie will fall silent. In that moment, having claimed your own knowing, you gain entry into a realm of future potentials which we heartily endorse. You have the open friendship of many worlds, when you take your first steps upon that path.

Now we will wish you all well, as the world meets its destined point furthest from the heart of the sun. Listen for the silent whispers within the hustle and bustle of all that you have before you. More is coming, followed by great and highly anticipated change. Many will see strange things, and all will have the opportunity to see more than a little excitement. Be firm in your resolve to reclaim and integrate all that is human, from your deep past and from your future. We greet you warmly, with the love of compatriots in the greater realm of lighted awareness. Be open to gifts unexpected and for whispers from across time’s expanse into your Now.

In peace, we sign this letter to your world with the universal signature of love, until again we meet.

Anica’s postscript:

Within the history here shared, your own may be discerned. Among the crowds and factions of perspectives in your world, hope is becoming a rare thing. As our brothers and sisters have related, your biggest threat is largely unseen, yet we of other stars know its imprint well. We urge you to see past the illusion so cunningly crafted, into the reality that awaits. There, we meet, in reunion and joy.

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Until the End of Time, We Will Speak of Peace: Anica, with the Pleiadians

6561573831_101fa835e8_oToday, we are speaking with an old friend, the Pleiadians. While we who speak from the League of Light are as well Pleiadian, we are nearly all from the world of the stellar neighborhood of Taygeta, called Temmer. We will be in contact in this message with Pleiadians of the star Alcyone, from a cluster of worlds. We as Pleiadian humans have a shared history in many ways, though each world carries its own unique history. What we wish to focus on in this communication is our perspective on the present set of circumstances now at play in your world, and how we together can arrive at the next moment as allies with a common future.

Long ago, our momentary escape from the clutches of empire led our people into reflection on what it meant to be who and what we claimed to be. Proud of what we carried within ourselves, as genetic codes and civilizational memory, we gave ourselves what you might call a reality check. The iron fist of cold, unyielding power over our world retracted long enough for our people to gather, breathe the sweet air of freedom, and come together with a shared envisioning for our future survival as free and uncomplicated beings, a race of humans who had settled on a new and distant land which present generations called home. Together, our ancestors had created a new civilization on an alien land, living in peace with each other and with those who had welcomed their arrival as guests, settlers, and finally family. Thousands of generations ago, you see, there was a great scattering of humanity, and many new civilizations came to be in the aftermath. The common bond of humanity links these worlds — including ours and yours.

The menace that initiated the diaspora creeps yet through realities within the nest of this galactic home, stealthily moving into more obvious view, making themselves ready in the event of the breach they have long had planned. Now is the moment for fight or flight for this shadowy presence, and it all depends on how much light you can carry together. Let us explain.

When our worlds fell next on the marauding path of imperial expansionist forces, our people had already begun to forget the reality of ancestral fleets carrying cargo of DNA from the very cradle of human civilization in the wake of frantic fighting of proportions difficult to comprehend. The trauma of remembering lay too heavy a protective blanket of forgetfulness over the minds of many, while fear exploded in anger and violence from others to stave off the pain of recollection. We had to come together somehow to emerge as a human civilization from the oppressive forces which stood ready to move in closer to their prey. This was the point at which our whole human population took a decision that brought us into direct confrontation with the dark side of memory, fear, and repression. Your human population stands at such a point today.

We saw in each other the monster we most feared becoming. Those who chose violence saw weakness and mindless surrender, and those who chose hopeless grief saw madness uncontrolled, uncontrollable. Those who saw these extremes as facets of the same thing, who understood the fear but were unafraid of it, these who dared to remember what humanity had once achieved, led the way through the edgy territory of fear, anger, and disarray with the single shared thought, “We remember who we are.” This was the call that led us all home eventually, and saved our people from losing themselves in the onslaught of the makers of fear’s projection.

Suffice this to be an introduction to our particular history, and to assure you of our understanding of your world’s present moment. Our people brought to the forefront of awareness the legacy of humanity within the light of remembrance of our shared divinity, sovereignty, and power to create. We know of other worlds who, like ours, like yours, confronted the spectre of humanity subjugated, divided by the chaos engendered by fear’s manifest agents, by projections of diminished energetics. In the now that you have before you as a future yet to be, the way forward must be the way which annuls the carelessness of entropy and the blindness of rage. It must do away with the paradigm of polarity and find the way through. The means of getting to the free and fair world are within reach the moment you release polarity as the basis for everything and embrace love as the underlying reality of all things. Once you realize that love makes its own rules apart from and outside the bounds of polarity, you no longer need the quest for freedom as you will be in another kind of reality altogether, in which freedom becomes more of a state in which you naturally know yourself to be than something you profess to have. The difference is mighty.

Your fears can take form as easily as they can dissolve. For those who live within the reality of fear, regardless of how they arrived there, the way can seem lost. Likewise for those locked in the reality of an angry, fueled world ablaze, stolen. These are realities our people grappled with, and escaped. We overcame polarity to find not a middle way, but a higher one. We look into the heart of humanity on your world and we see ourselves in reflection. As we have done, so can you. We await your total decision and encourage you to put aside that which keeps you locked in a reality that threatens to undermine your full expression as humans, or which separates you from each other in any way. Dare to see the humanity in another who stands apart from you. Don’t be afraid. Love is not lost. It is what binds you together, and what transforms your world and your reality.

The shift which you are experiencing now will leave you quite a changed people. We greet you as our kin, friends, and neighbors, in peaceful transition of new light.

Anica’s commentary:

Lost, but not completely, is the pathway to remembrance. To find it, you must be willing to put to one side all that you use to define yourselves within the illusion of highly polarized light. As frightening as that may feel, it is necessary to be free of anything which, in a sense, magnetizes you to one idea or another which is borne of highly charged emotion or conceptualization. Thus demagnetized, you are free to come into full awareness of self in the light of self-knowledge, rather than belief. It is a sure path from there to the remembrance which gives your world the common identity as a people of a free and sovereign world. Be free in this way, and in the full knowledge of love’s power to transform.

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